Autumn update

Autumn scene

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn by John Keats

Autumn days and nights

As Summer gives way to Autumn thoughts turn to misty mornings, late summer sunshine and evenings around the fireside. But there is still so much to enjoy here in Northumberland. Autumn gardens can be a joy to behold so here are some near the cottage which are worth a visit.

Howick Hall gardens and arboretum

The home of Earl Grey, yes that Earl Grey with the hall and its extensive gardens and arboretum to explore

Longframlington Gardens

Established in 1998 this is a modern garden and arboretum which shows what can be achieved and demonstrates horticultural skills and crafts

Paxton House

Overlooking the River Tweed and reputedly one of the finest Palladian Houses in the country, Paxton House also has over two miles of woodland trails to explore

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